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united therapy network, inc.  is a provider of physical, occupational, therapy and speech-language pathology. we own and operate a total of eight outpatient clinics in the los angeles, san bernardino and riverside counties.

united therapy network, inc. is a team of skilled healthcare professionals committed to maintain the highest level of ethical standards, clinical expertise and compassion.
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- a commitment to quality care and clinical expertise
- a commitment to high ethical standards
- a commitment to diversity and cultural awareness
- a commitment to interdisciplinary communication and teamwork
united therapy network, inc. was founded in 2000 by a physical therapist with the focus of the providing quality therapy services despite the challenges of the health care industry. currently united therapy network, inc. owns and operates (8) eight outpatient clincs providing physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology throughout southern california.

by customizing our services to meet the needs of the individual organizations, medical groups, and individuals we can achieve an effective partnership that will maximize the most professional care and caring service for those we serve

our mission

to meet the needs and expectations of all our clients with the commitment to maintain the highest level of ethical standards, clinical expertise and compassion

our commitment

to provide the most professional care tied to caring service for the patients

our purpose

meet the current and future needs of health care.

hours of operations at
all locations.

monday - friday
8am - 5pm
closed during lunch 12pm -1pm

any questions?
feel free to contact us.

by fax (909) 890 - 4393
email = michelle.g@utninc.com
* all fields are required.
copyright 2018 united therapy network, inc.
all rights reserved
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